Week 7 – Greek art and religion

How does ancient Greek religion resemble or differ from the religion of the Hebrews?

Greeks have more gods (like Zeus, Hestia, Aphrodite) and each of them specializes on one particular thing, except for Zeus who is the god of gods. Hebrews only have one God.

Greek gods can choose between good and evil, while the Hebrew God is only good.

God has a justice system, the Greek gods do not.

Greek gods can die, God cannot.


Choose a work of art from ancient Greece (it doesn’t have to be one covered in the video lesson) and do the following: (1) provide the basic background (what it is, when it dates from), (2) identify which period of Greek art it belongs to, (3) explain what that period is known for, and (4) explain how the work you’ve chosen illustrates the characteristics of its period.

This is a classic Greek vase. Specific date is unknown,

but it is probably somewhere from 700 to 500 BC, since it belongs in the Archaic period. This period is known for it’s “kouros” sculptures and black-figure or red-figure vases. This one is a red-figure vase, since the characters appear in red.

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