Week 1 – Hebrews

The creation of the world, bringing us the two very first people on this planet: Eve and Adam. If they obey the God, they can stay in Eden’s garden. But Eve is tempted by a serpent and eats a forbidden Apple, leading both Eve and Adam to leave the garden and take care of themselves on their own. They later have two sons, Cain and Able. They give God their offerings, but God accepts only Abel’s offerings. Cain kills Abel out of jealousy, later lying to God about Abel. God is angry at people because they became evil and chooses the only acceptable man, named Noah, to create an ark and save his family from the flood that will come. Noah then creates an ark and saves one male and one female from every kind of animal on the planet. After the flood is over, God promises to never flood the Earth like this ever again.

Abraham came from a Mesopotamian city called Ur. He believed that God wants him to leave home and travel to Canaan. On his way there, he thought that God wants him to sacrifice his own son to him, but just before he does it, an angel appears and saves his son, Isaac.

As Isaac grows older, he has to get married. It cannot be a Canaan woman because they would not worship the true God, so Abraham sends a servant back to his home to bring Isaac a woman. He comes back with Rebekah, with who Isaac has two sons: Jacob and Esau. One day Isaac wants to give his blessing to Esau, but Rebekah prefers Jacob and wants him to deceive his father and get the blessing instead of Jacob. When Isaac finds out about it, he wants Esau to kill Jacob, but Rebekah sends him away.

Jacob lives with his uncle Laban, agreeing to working for him for 7 years for free so he can marry his daughter Rachel. After 7 years, he somehow marries Leah, the older daughter. Laben explains that he couldn’t have his younger daughter get married before the older one. Jacob then agrees to work for another 7 years and after that he finally marries Rachel, with whom he has Joseph and Benjamin. He spoils Joseph more than the other brothers, which made them jealous, and when Joseph told them about a dream involving him being higher than his brothers, they started to hate him and sold them into slavery in Egypt.

Even though he became a trusted servant, he still ends up in prison, where he is able to interpret the dreams of his inmates. This brings him to pharaoh, who claims to have dreams that he doesn’t know how to interpret. Joseph interprets his dream as a famine coming and thus the pharaoh has enough time to prepare for it. Joseph becomes very popular and trusted thanks to this. One day his brothers come to Egypt and when he reveals himself to them, the pharaoh let’s them say. After Joseph’s death, the Egyptian started to dislike foreigners and eventually enslaved Hebrews, which brings us to Moses.

Moses, “found by the river”, was found and adopted by pharaoh’s daughter. He liked the Hebrews but they didn’t trust him. He then kills an Egyptian beating up a Hebrews, after which he cannot live with Egyptians. He and his brother Aaron try to free the Hebrews but the pharaoh increases their work instead, which makes them blame Moses.

In the early 14th century, Moses finally manages to free the Hebrews and they cross the Red Sea with him. Moses than receives a Law from the God called the Ten Commandments. This Law is then kept in the Ark of the Covenant, which is a special chest made specifically for the Law. When Moses gets old, he yields his leadership to Joshua, where the first period of Hebrew history ends.

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