Week 4 – Sophists & Socrates

*This essay is shorter than usual since I haven’t got that much to say in here.

1. What was the disagreement Socrates had with the Sophists?

The sophists say that there is no right and no wrong, that all that matters is what you think – Socrates believed there is some sort of justice and tried to find out what exactly it is.

2. What was Plato’s point in his allegory of the cave?

He was trying to explain the difference between people who ignore the world and who study the world (philosophers). We all are blind at first and it might sometimes be even painful to experience the truth, but once we know the truth, we cannot go back to being blind and want to know more.

3. What qualities does Plato’s ideal monarch – the “philosopher-king” — possess?

He would have to be wise. He would have to pursue justice and rule by justice. It also could have been a she, because Plato thought that women could be philosophers, too.

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